Cerebellum – Depicted as a Butterfly

  Hand drawn painting provided by Elizabeth Eichinger (MHA 2018)


Geometric Heart and Lungs

  Digitally Rendered Print provided by Cory Buenting

Series of Bone Photography

  Photography provided by Jake Feiler (MHA 2018)   Poem by: Emily Jessen   This Room  The ice on the lakes is clearer here, the trunks of the trees are thicker here. We leave the dishes for deer to lick, let blades of grass stretch through the floorboards. I thumb patterns into your back, a language... Continue Reading →

Metal Replica of the Spinal Cord

Metalwork Jewelry provided by Rachel Klaus, MS (MHA 2017)   Poem by: Miriam Ordonez   Untitled My mother sells fragments of her spine in the tianguis[1] of Tepito[2]. Inside the rainbowed snake,   its scales translucent tarps of ultramarine blue, red, and orange,   patrons gawk as they move through the rib like stalls biting... Continue Reading →

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